Remote Starters

2-WAY Premium with LCD Screen

Compustar’s flagship model has range of up to 1 mile!  Some of the basic features include a 2 year remote warranty, lifetime system warranty, multi-car operation, vehicle temperature display, vehicle voltage display, CompuGlow backlight, run-time countdown, keyless entry and much, much more.   Alarm system can also be added.

2-WAY with LED buttons (no LCD screen)

All the practical features of a 2-way LCD transmitter with the size, ruggedness and simplicity of a 1-way system.
All information is easily read and translated through a simple remote with 4 buttons and 2 lights.  Audible beep also confirms that vehicle has been remote started.  Alarm system can also be added.

1-WAY Basic Remote Starter

If you have been searching for an OEM look and feel remote, this is it.   Intuitive design and all the needed features make this a top seller.  Alarm system can also be added.

1-WAY Basic with Compact Transmitter

This super compact multi-feature 1 button remote is perfect for vehicles that include lock/unlock buttons on the factory key.   No need for redundant buttons when you can just have one!   All the features of the 4 button remote above with out the size.   Alarm system can also be added.


Have you ever seen a newspaper advertisement that claims remote starters priced for $149, only to find out the actual price to have it installed in your specific vehicle is many times that price?  Some stores will even go as far as saying this price includes “Basic Installation.”

At Stripe Tech Custom & Performance we value your time and money and charge a fair price for the professional installation of your remote starter.  Please call the store for our simple pricing program.

Remote Starters “101”

What is a 2-way remote starter?

A 2-way remote starter confirms back that your vehicle has started.  Ex/ You are sitting in your office and remote start your vehicle, a few seconds later the remote on your keychain will beep and flash to confirm the vehicle has starterd
This technology is now the industry standard for a remote starter.

What is a 1-way remote starter?

A 1-way remote starter sends a signal to the vehicle being started, but does not confirm back to you that the vehicle has actually started.  While this is adequate if you are always within visual distance of your vehicle, most of our customers prefer the convenience of the 2-way remote starter.

What about vehicles equipped with a Manual Transmission?

Yes, we install remote starters in vehicles with a manual transmission

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